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We are dedicated to empowering you on your journey toward a vibrant and fulfilling life. Our focus is on PRO-aging, embracing the concept of aging positively. We champion PRO-Active wellness, not simply surviving, but rather thriving as we LEVEL up!


Through a holistic approach encompassing nutrition, movement, mindset, sleep improvement, and stress relief, we strive to foster a healthy lifestyle, promote longevity, and enhance overall well-being. Never use the word DIET again!

We understand that each person's path is unique, so we provide personalized resources to help you achieve your health goals while proactively improving your well-being as you progress through life. By utilizing advanced lab testing methodologies, we uncover the underlying causes of health issues, allowing us to create tailored protocols that support optimal wellness and graceful aging.

With our PRO-aging mindset, our aim is to assist you in achieving your desired health outcomes, including weight loss, increased energy, and overall thriving. We are here to support your wellness and personal growth journey, continuously helping you level up your well-being.

Our goal is to ensure you are well cared for and provided all the tools you need to gain a healthy body, mind, and soul.


Reach out for your complimentary consultation, together let’s discover how we can best serve your needs.


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Linda, CA

"If you want a healthy life-changing experience, that you can adjust to a fast pace lifestyle; I highly recommend Suzette.


I have not only been able to lose unwanted weight but also keep it off while changing some of my eating choices and working movement into my busy lifestyle.


Suzette has a wealth of knowledge that she will use to support you on your journey to living healthy and you will not be disappointed with the results. This is NOT a fad diet, but a healthy way to become a healthier you!"

Victor, IL

"Working with Clint has truly changed my life for the better. He has provided me with an amazing amount of knowledge, guidance, motivation, inspiration, and friendship. He’s helped me to enhance my perspective about food, fitness and the genuine value of a positive mindset.

I’m benefiting from the realization that weight loss is not at all about denial and negativity, but, rather, about embracing the positive aspects of wholesome nutrition and physical activity.

Eating well and keeping my body moving have not only manifested welcome changes to my body but to my mind as well. I’m less stressed, more alive, even happier! I look younger, I feel younger and I wake up excited to face the day. My family and friends have all noticed and commented on these changes. Feels great!

Do you want to improve your life? Become a Pro-Ager and embrace wellness and vitality! I can absolutely promise you, you’ll be glad you did. Go for it!"

Nikki, CA

"Clint ignited the possibility of achieving optimal health and well being through a combination of a scientific approach based upon research and practical coaching that enabled me to put a solid action plan into place rather quickly.

His on going enthusiastic support and encouragement has enabled me to re-construct my diet while adding much more movement to my day to day life. He challenged me to drink close to twice as much water as I had been previously.

He guided me to significantly increase the amount of protein to ingest on a daily basis and gave me an explanation that made sense to pursue that path. To go from where I started to ingesting 160 grams per day was a paradigm shift. He held tenaciously to the notion that I would get there even though it did not seem possible to me.

Even with my movement process. He suggested I start with 10 min. three times a day of moving around. Meanwhile Suzette shared with me the value of spending time looking at. the sky within an hour of sunrise and doing the same within an hour of sunset. She relayed the science behind her suggestion so I ended up combining what Clint had suggested with what Suzette had shared and I now have a morning and evening ritual of walking into the sunrise and walking into the sunset every day.

Under their guidance I am creating and living into a much healthier lifestyle and I will be eternally grateful for the two of them."

Kade, SD

"Clint regularly checked in with me. I committed 100% to my diet and workout and he gave me the tools to accomplish my goals. Given my particular situation though, we talked much more in depth on other matters than exercise and diet. Clint catered to my experience and shared wisdom and insight when I needed it.


He stepped out of his role and helped me in the way I needed. Clint, I sincerely appreciate everything you did for me. It was a pleasure getting to know you and the gym has become my keystone habit. I appreciate all of the talks we’ve had and look forward to catching up with you in the future."

Chris, FL

"This has been fantastic. I’ve been getting stronger and adding muscle, His advice on nutrition, messages to keep me stoked, and willingness to adapt my program given what is going on in life (vacation, etc.) Clint is quick to respond to any questions I have. He also gives practical advice and real examples of how to improve gym efficiency and diet. Quit being such a stud! Clint has been extremely helpful."

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