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Why Pro-Age?

PRO-age is a concept that challenges the traditional negative stereotypes associated with aging and promotes a positive, empowering approach to the aging process.


Instead of viewing aging as a decline or limitation, PRO-age embraces the concept that each phase of life – whether in your 30s, 40s, 50s, or beyond – brings unique opportunities for growth, wisdom, and fulfillment.


We say Age BOLDLY!

Embrace Pro-Age Coaching for a Fulfilling Life Journey. Unlock your full potential, embrace a vibrant lifestyle, and age boldly with our Pro-Age coaching program.


Gain empowerment, confidence, and holistic well-being as you navigate the different stages of life.

We specialize in getting you "Un-Stuck". Often, there are underlying root causes that impede progress toward your goals.


Many of our clients come to us with blood sugar dysregulation, gut dysbiosis, or unknown food sensitivities that are keeping them from realizing their health goals.

What we do:


Our expertise lies in evaluating, identifying, and addressing these foundational factors so you can move forward effectively.


We believe knowing our own data is POWERFUL.

Our personalized guidance will help you cultivate an age-positive mindset, regenerate your health and vitality, find purpose and fulfillment, and elevate you to new heights while meeting your goals.

Age Boldly with us and discover the limitless possibilities of your life's journey.


Why Do We Incorporate Integrative Health?

Twenty percent of health comes from current medical care. The other eighty percent is from factors largely outside of conventional medicine –  social and environmental factors, lifestyle and behavior, and complementary approaches to healing. This can be a challenge for both patients and healthcare providers alike. But it also poses an opportunity.


By exploring and using an expanded set of tools, ones that involve treating and tracking our clients in a holistic manner, we can fully understand our client's needs and values, match their goals with good practices, and help them heal and improve health and well-being.

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