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Optimal Integrative Health Wellness Coaching Agreement

Please take a moment to read through this agreement

1. I understand that coaching is a broadly inclusive process that may include different areas of my life including and not limited to health, professional or family relationships, and work. I acknowledge that it is my decision and choice how to utilize information in these areas in coaching sessions. It is my responsibility.


2. I understand and agree that I am responsible for my physical, mental, and emotional well-being during my coaching appointments. These appointments may take place in person or by phone. Any choices I make or injuries that I incur from recommendations made during my coaching appointments are fully my responsibility.


3. TAKING BREAKS and TERMINATION: I agree and understand my coach, or I can terminate or discontinue coaching at any time. If I need to cancel or change the time of a coaching appointment, I understand I need 24 hours notice in order not to be charged for the session. With advance notice of more than 24 hours, I will not be charged, and I will make every effort to reschedule.


4. PROGRAM FEES: If the Client misses a payment the Client will have 5 business days to bring their account into good standing after the declined or missed payment. If the account is not brought into good standing within 5 business days, the Client’s Program will be put on hold and access will be denied until the account is brought into good standing. No refunds, withdrawals, or cancellations of any kind will be issued for the Program, including deposits, or any partial payments.


5. CONFIDENTIALITY: I understand that in order to protect my privacy if I terminate my coaching, any assignment work or information about our coaching sessions will be deleted from my coach's files. I also agree that I consent to use e-mails to sometimes transmit sensitive information. I acknowledge the risks involved and waive any rights against my coach for errors made in these transmissions.


6. NON-DISCLOSURE and INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: I understand that the methodology, coaching techniques, and strategies used, as well as assignments, documents, or emails, are proprietary and I understand that and agree that they may not be used for any other purposes other than my coaching appointments without written consent from my coach. I understand that information is held as confidential to fulfill my coaching obligations and as required by law.


7. DEFINITION of COACHING: I understand that coaching is intended for individuals who want to take action and make behavior changes in the service of their goals for life, health, well-being, or work. Coaching does not involve the diagnosis or treatment of physical or mental disorders and I will not use it in place of any other diagnosis, therapy, or treatment for other advice given me by medical, legal, financial, or other qualified professionals. It is clear that Coaching may not be appropriate for all people.


8. LIABILITY: In no event shall the Coach be liable for any damages for any indirect, consequential, or special damages. The Coach, hereby, makes no guarantees, representations, or warranties of any kind or nature, express or implied, with respect to the coaching services negotiated, agreed upon, and rendered.


9. RELEASE OF LIABILITY: I agree to release and hold harmless Optimal Integrative Health against any and all claims, suits, or actions of any kind whatsoever and release liability, damages, compensation, or otherwise brought on by me or anyone on my behalf, including any and all damages incurred from business operations. I acknowledge that Optimal Integrative and The Program/s, their directors, coaches, affiliates, lab partners, and any support staff are not responsible for errors, omissions, or failures to act and are not to be held liable and responsible in any way whatsoever for Client liability, errors, and omissions as part of any programs.

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